At Canadian Retirement we pride ourselves in showcasing why our intelligent land leases are great for you.

Ever want to know how to reduce housing costs while still living in an exclusive active adult retirement community? This is one of the questions that is foremost in a retiree’s mind as they plan for retirement. The answer, is quite simple; by buying a leasehold home in a Canadian Retirement leasehold community!

Canadian Retirement is pleased to offer homes in our adult lifestyle communities which have leasehold ownership to them. The benefits to such ownership are numerous, this is the perfect way to buy a home and defer the outright purchase cost of the land into monthly payments. These monthly sublease payments are structured so that the only increase that can be made is the annual increase based on the Canadian Consumer Price Index or a minimum of 1% per annum, whichever is greater. That’s why our residents enjoy this form of real estate ownership, as it enables them to use their money elsewhere on other forms of investment income. Canadian retirement land leases can be financed, willed, transferred and sold, they are a valid interest of land that is registered for security on title to the lands.