Retirement Condo Living in Chilliwack BC

At Canadian retirement we believe your home should be designed for your needs and bought at a price that meets your budget.

We are all successes in life and as we enter our retirement years we all hope that life is celebrated in a comfortable lifestyle. As a company, Canadian Retirement is committed to providing the residents of our communities the lifestyles that they seek. We strive to build homes that are environmentally friendly, healthy to live in and that allow our resident’s ease of living and accessibility as their housing needs change.

Our residents celebrate their active lifestyles in homes with wider doorways, wider hallways, cabinets that can be lowered, backing behind shower wall tiles allowing for customized hand rails, customized tap controls, lower light switches, higher electrical receptacles and lower doorway thresholds allowing for ease of entry. These are just a few of our construction features that differentiate our resident’s homes from an average home. These features provide extra value and convenience to our resident’s homes. Why would someone buy a retirement home without such building features? We don’t know why you would!